The Omega Bra: designed for a hard to fit breast shape


The Omega Bra:

I have been working for some time now on the Omega Bra, a bra design for a specific breast type that is commercially very difficult to fit. A narrow breast root combined with very full breasts is characteristic of the Omega shape. Think grapefruit hanging in the bottom of a sock. The circumference of the breast is larger than the base of the breast. It is often combined with a ribcage smaller than predicted by the full bust measurement. Women with this breast type fall into the category I call the “Forgotten 25%”… women very few manufacturers design for.

Many factors may cause this shape. Gaining and losing weight can cause this. Heredity may be a factor. The breast root usually stays the same with weight gain or loss in the breast while body circumferences change. Unfortunately, in the ready to wear industry, as the cup gets larger, so does the root width. Similarly, the root width gets smaller as the cup gets smaller.

Women with this breast type have a difficult time finding bras that fit. The cup width that corresponds to their “size” in most bras is too wide and deep for their breasts. The wire of an underwired bra must fit exactly at the breast root. When it doesn’t, the cup volume will not be correct for the breast.   The cup will be the wrong shape and will not properly support the breast. The wire will be too wide for the body and will lie at a very uncomfortable position at the side of the body. This wrong position will cause the wire to poke or pinch. A too large wire will also slide down the ribcage to sit on a rib, causing discomfort. And it will allow the breast to splay outwards and sit under the arm, instead of being projected forward properly.

And then there is the issue of “East Westing”. Yes, that is an actual technical term!!! A variation on the normal ribcage shape causes this phenomena. A “typical” ribcage shape is oval, with the front and back of the ribs fairly parallel to each other. There are a couple of variations to this… and definitely degrees of variation, as we are all wonderfully individual creations. The variation that creates the potential for “East-Westing” had the sternum projected away from the spine, so that rather than flat the front of the ribcage is more angular with the sternum as the “peak”. The breasts supported by this shape of ribcage have a tendency to rest in an outwards direction.

A woman with this ribcage shape, wearing a typically shaped bra, will notice that her breasts point outward, rather than straight ahead. This combined with the Omega shaped breast results in a very wide silhouette with the breasts resting outward under the arms. An Omega Bra will fit perfectly, while keeping your breasts comfortably supported in a forward facing position. Your silhouette will be streamlined, and as one client of mine has said, you will look pounds thinner!

Different manufacturers design for different proportions, and there may be one that designs to yours. However you may not be readily able to tell by looking at a bra which ones may fit. Here at Rosén Bras, we design to your measurements as well as your shape and proportions.. We use a comprehensive set of measurements that provide you with the best fit possible. We want to save you the countless hours you spend trying on bra after bra, in hopes of finding one that fits.

If you are among the “Forgotten 25%”, whatever your challenges may be, please call or email today to set an appointment for a complementary consultation where I can show you just how easy it is for you to get into bras that really fit.


Omega Bra red lace balconette

Red Lace Balconnette Bra, Omega Shape