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I am Caroline Rosén, founder and creative energy behind Caroline Rosén, Fine Custom Made Bras. Bra fit and design are my passions!

My background includes many years as a professional dressmaker/tailor. I have taught pattern making for the home seamstress. For several years I designed and manufactured clothing for the equestrienne. And I have a lifetime of experience sewing for myself and my family.

I am one of the lucky ones! Coming from a family of women that sew, for a long time, I took my skills for granted. Everyone around me sewed their own clothing and clothing for their families. Can’t everyone do that? At a young age I became fascinated with my Mother’s sewing machine. When she wasn’t looking  I would sneak in and stitch up scraps of fabric while dreaming of gorgeous garments. She tried to shoo me away. After all, a six year old is too young to be running something as complicated as a sewing machine!

Luck was with me. It seems it always is. And when one of my older cousins upgraded her sewing machine, her old one, an antique treadle machine, came to me. I was in heaven. Still relegated to playing with fabric scraps, I practised my sewing. Soon I could stitch a straight seam line effortlessly! I got a little older, and started with Home Economics in school, and our local 4H clubs. I discovered that I had that family talent for creating high quality clothing with little effort.

Eventually I did realize how special my skills are. From the age of fourteen I was clothing myself almost exclusively with my me-made unique garments. When I was older and working alongside my then husband on the family farm, raising our small children, my skills kept the little ones in stitches! I branched out into dressmaking as a way to supplement the family income, while staying at home to raise my four children. Then, when I left the farm, dressmaking and tailoring became my full time job! I created (from scratch!) all three of my girls’ wedding gowns, and just recently created my own for the second (and last!) time. My daughters, grown and on their own still come to me for their “special occasion” clothing. And more than one of the children show up at my door still with the occasional mending job!

Fine Custom Made Bras, Merlot lace full coverage bra

Why do I do what I do?

As a woman that just doesn’t fit the “Ready to Wear” market,  I therefore understand the frustration my clients feel when they first come to me. When I realized that a high percentage of my dressmaking clients were having the same problem finding bras that fit properly, I began searching for a solution. After studying bra making, I decided to change the focus of my dressmaking/tailoring business and specialize in Fine, Custom Made Bras.

I have spent the last 15+ years studying, practicing, researching and honing my craft. I have measured and made bras for countless women over the past years. As a result, I now I bring my expertise in bra design to YOU! Whether your look is bright and bold or you prefer neutrals and pastel colours I have the colour for you! Do you want fashion forward styles, or are you more comfortable in simple, everyday designs? I have the design for you! At last count there are 18 different colours of fabric in stock, and many, many more different lace fabrics for accents. And designs are as simple or complicated as you want them to be!

After several years of research and development I have developed my own fitting system that provides my clients, no matter their size, shape or special needs, with fine, custom made bras. As a result, these bras fit like a glove, provide the look my clients want and provide the support they deserve! I draft my client’s patterns from their measurements. My clients are unique and they deserve the attention I therefore give to their unique designs.

Rosén Bras, Fine Custom Made Bras, is located in the Westmount area of London, Ontario, Canada. I currently work from my studio in my home, therefore work by appointment only.

Be sure to  call or email today to find out how easy it is for you to be wearing the custom made bras of your dreams.


Black with red floral lace fine custom made bras
fine custom made bras, red with black lace full coverage omega bra