Many, many women are happily wearing their Caroline Rosén Custom Made Bras! Here are some of the Rave Reviews!

A Happy Customer for over 10 years!

Dear Caroline:  We have had an amazing relationship over the past 10 years. You rescued me when my bra of 25 years was discontinued. Being extremely big breasted, I could not replace this bra. Then, I decided I would look on the internet to find a bra designer. You walked me through the taking of the measurements and I sent you an old bra for you to see what I was wearing.  The first bra you made for me was 10 times better than the bra of 25 years.   Thank you for the past 10 years and I look forward to the next 10 years.  Kudos!

Barbara J.

Eight years total satisfaction!

I am and have been a 110% satisfied customer for more than eight years. Caroline is a miracle of talent meeting the challenge of my unique measurements with very supportive bras that look beautiful, fit perfectly, feel wonderful to wear and support the breasts in total comfort. Caroline’s work is meticulous.  I am just as excited when I know a new bra is in the works as when I received my first bra. Kudos!

Very highly recommend!

Rhonda K.

So pleased with Caroline’s workmanship!

In 2008, I needed a replacement bra for the ones I had been using for many years that were no longer available. I mailed Caroline one of my bras and she was able to duplicate it! The quality of her work is outstanding! I could not be more satisfied! Kudos!

Evelyn M

I love the bras I purchased from you! 

I love the look, the feel, the fit, the incredible support, and I very much appreciate the tailored style. They make me feel confident just to wear them! I have worn many other bras, but these bras are the most comfortable, professionally made and fitted. Kudos! Thankyou so much!


Jennifer S

My clothing fits better!    The bras that Caroline creates for me are the most comfortable ones I have ever owned.  The fit is amazing; they really help with my posture. All my clothes fit so much better with the right fitting bra.

I had these bras years ago but somehow lost touch. Every time I had to buy new bras I thought of Caroline. I had a drawer full of ill fitting bras. But no more……!

I love the fact that I can have lots of different colors. To date I have 4 Bras.  I am looking forward to getting some more made in the near future.

Thank you so much for making these great bras & improving how my body looks. They are so very comfortable; As a result I can leave them on all day until I go to bed. Kudos!


Elaine L